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Tree Trimming Services

Tree Trimming Services from Experts in Darwin

Are you looking for a great place to buy plants, or perhaps are in need of some quality tree trimming services? Would you like to find a retail nursery or garden center in Darwin that has everything you need in one place? Call us today at (08) 8947-2447 to speak with us at Paradise Nursery. We would love to introduce you to our local retail nursery. Our nursery employs qualified horticulturalists who have certifications for pest, disease and chemical applications. All of our senior staff members have at least five years of experience in the industry, so they can help you choose the best plants for your landscape along with discussing how to best care for them once they’re installed. We also provide precision landscaping solutions, from tree removal and various tree trimming services, to landscape design and more. Paradise Nursery carried approximately 250 retail plant lines on five acres of land. We have shade houses, propagation facilities, growing sheds and more. Come to our nursery, and we know that you’ll be impressed by the quality of our services.

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